Sunday, 3 December 2006

Birthday celebrations

24 at last! Much better than the fateful 22, which I was adamant I was NEVER going to be. I started the day by snoozing till about 11 and then decided it was time to open my presents.....ALONE. My first birthday away from home. I flung the door of my bedroom open and peered into the hallway, hoping either of the girls would be home. Upon entering the lounge room, I found balloons dangling from light bulbs and our rather pathetic and straggly wall plant. I was home alone.

A strange feeling, to be sitting on one's bed with a bag of goodies from halfway around the world that had been perched on my desk mocking me for the entire previous week. They'd been delivered by my flatmate Ash who'd had a Brisbane flight earlier in the month. I was delighted to discover, amongst other things, a hand painted canvas from my beautiful three year old god-daughter Stella in the brightest of colours.

I exited the shower and found that someone had deposited a stunning bunch of pink lillies on my bed. Having heard rumours that covert surveillance of our apartments might be in play, I (drama queen) immediately suspected the worst, but Ash had come home and was the culprit. We busied ourselves with presents and decided it was time for food, shopping and pampering. A birthday outfit was on the agenda.

We ventured to the local beauty boutique where I treated myself to a full body massage, complete with a rather uncomfortable boob incident. If you ask, I might divulge details.

Much later in the evening we were joined by our closest friends at Scarletts for drinks and then braved the super spicy noodles next door. Over dinner, I was presented with horse riding lessons from the girls (complete with lego riding man) and immediately had flashbacks to my glory days of pre-teen pony club and my little white pony named Bubby.

Having a Halloween birthday means I have to share it with copious amounts of pumpkins and freakily dressed people who like to think they’re getting into the spirit of things. Instead of copping it from the door bitch, we were screamed at by a vampire in a coffin! There were plenty of screws and knives protruding from body parts and the occasional inadequately dressed Disney-like character.

Needless to say, it was a great night and ended with two shoeless girls catching a taxi home in the early hours of the morning!


Anonymous said...

hey lovely lozzie, i loved reading your blog, it is such a good idea, i wish i could make one, but im not very clever:)

i cant wait to see you for your bbq, and hear about all of your new stories. stay safe and the beautiful girl you are.

talk soon

love madz:)

Cherry said...

Hey beautiful,

Happy 24th~! Sorry i have missed this one but i am sure i won't next..cos it is on the Holloween's day~!(how can i miss it!)Love your blog by the way~! It has full of interesting stories and I like it!

Take Care beautiful~!

Love Cherry