Sunday, 10 December 2006

Girl's night out

As a celebration of the crazy festive season upon us, and also of four of us all being on days off together, we got all dolled up and hit the town.

Having had a few drinks in our apartment, we decided to pop in and visit our friend Dan, who's beautiful Mum has been visiting from Sydney. We'd shown her the local handbag places and wanted to say goodbye before they headed off for a few days at the Seychelles. Ringing the doorbell like crazy women, we invaded his apartment, tripped over his suitcase, played his special egg shaped Lebanese ukulele / guitar type instrument, posed for photos on his bed and then departed like a whirlwind of perfume.

First stop,
360° - a bar with a fantastic view of both the Burj and the Jumeira Beach Hotel. We were set upon by a few guys who asked me if I'd like to take a trip. Naive me thought I was being offered something like a trip in the golf buggy that had delivered us like celebrities to the bar. Turned out I was wrong - different kind of trip.

We scooted out of there, and hit the local sleaze club that was offering free drinks for the ladies. Full of the usual smoke and pulsating impossible-to-dance-to Hindi music, we hit the bar and were befriended by a mistached 'mature' man who looked like he'd either been a HUGE supporter of MOvember or had escaped from the circus. Think massive handle bars like that crazy cartoon character Yosamite Sam that chases Bugs Bunny. Turns out google was wrong and there were no free drinks that night, but this kind man insisted on paying. It would have been hideously rude of us to decline, so we accepted and immediately hit the dance floor.

Now, some of you may remember an email detailing a crazy night of couch dancing and almost setting that couch on fire about 8 months ago. This was my return to the same club, but I managed to stay off the couches this time.

Huge bottles of Moet were being delivered to the VIP tables on massvie stretchers held aloft to a tune similar to the Superman theme song. As we weren't couch dancing, we didn't get to partake in such celebrations.

A great deal of very co-ordinated dancing was done, along with borrowing a complete stranger's hat. We met a Jay Z look alike, with the biggest lips I've ever seen!

We were politely kicked out at closing time and made our way home. Shoeless again.....i think!

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