Sunday, 21 January 2007

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I'd like to introduce you all to Babs........

Ok, when I was in New York last November, which I still haven't written about, I bought the most fantastic book.

It's called Bad Cat and is pretty much about cats behaving badly. If you're not cat lovers, you might not find it as uproariously funny as I did.

Let me set the scene: Have been searching for a few days for the Magnolia Bakery of Sex and the City cupcake fame and while wandering along the wonderful Bleeker Street, came across a fantastic little book store, whose exterior was under construction. There was a big sale going on (sale = magic word!) and I was temporarily distracted by the search for the bakery. I was rummaging through the books when I found this little gem.

I have three cats at home, who I love and miss dearly. They each have their quirks, just like people and on many occasions have had me in fits of laughter at their antics. The pictures in this book reminded me of my three and just how nutty and fantastic cats can be.

I realised with a start that I was lost in my own little world and was laughing uncontrollably at a few of the funnier pictures. I then realised that I was in public and such laughter might be construed as something a little more mental than a little giggle. I turned away from the shop, tears in my eyes and what should I spot across the street? MAGNOLIA BAKERY! I quickly paid for the book, bought a few delicious cupcakes and found myself a seat where my laughter would be slightly less obvious.

Upon my return, I tested the book out on my two flatmates, who both prefer dogs. The book was met with rather odd silence. Where was the side splitting laughter, streaming tears and inability to catch one's breath? Hmm ...... further research needed to be carried out. I consulted my friend cat-loving friend Jena, who just about wet herself when she saw the first page. All was well and I was not in need of a psychiatric consult.

Each page of the book features a different photo, which has a caption and also some funny information about the cat. I'll endeavour to feature a new cat each in post for you all to have a giggle about.

The book is available in Australian book stores and probably world wide. The full reference is:

Edgar, J. (2004).
Bad Cat. Workman Publishing: New York, USA.

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