Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Well, the new year has passed just as I thought it would - with great fanfare for those silly enough to pay the 700 dizza cover charges some establishments were mental enough to charge and calmly and relatively fuss-free for myself.

Our plans weren't set in stone for three months before, but were hastily made at about 6pm. Jena cooked brownies, which were lavishly coated in caramel and chocolate icing and we popped the champers at about 8.30pm.

We proceeded to drink, eat and chatter and attempt to solve all the world's problems, establishing a mountain of clearly over-zealous new years resolutions along the way until we realised that we'd MISSED the countdown we were chatting so much! Typical of us really.

Our night wrapped at about 2.30am, when I headed home back down the road and could have been mistaken for thinking I'd space-warped it to Antarctica! It's seriously winter here in Dubai and the wind was doing its darndest to blow sand into my lip gloss.

Have spent the past two days sitting around in my new Xmas pjs eating pasta and cold pineapple. I'm thinking its time to get out of the apartment now.

Heading to Bangkok for a shopping and massage spree in a few days, but am somewhat disheartened by going to the newly damaged area, courtesy of bombing efforts of the world's nutcases. Rest assured that nothing gets in between myself and a good shopping opportunity.

Hope everyone had a fantabulous new year and that you all keep all those ridiculous resolutions I know you all made and are now wondering how to weasel out of.

I know I am....!

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