Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Lousy Time in London

Well today saw me become the owner of my very own pharmacy, compliments of work.

I returned last night from a trip to London, where I shopped up a storm. That was fun, but somehow, even though I was rugged up to my ears with the knee high beige suede boots, jeans, long sleeved shirt, jumper, pink leather coat AND scarf, the 5 degree cold still crept in and gave me the flu.

Now, having lived in Dubai for just over a year, I don't get sick very often. I got most of my illnesses during my first 6 months of flying, while still getting used to all the airborne diseases our passnegers carry and transmit to us. I also managed to contract a nasty dose of dermatitis on my eyelids and my hand about 6 months ago. No doubt I touched a skanky manky serviette somewhere in my travels. Ewww....

So, after a nanna nap before the shopping expedition to Crawley shopping centre where I managed to find a pair of size 42 aqua sparkly flats (a must have!) and some other cool bargains, we tottered back to the hotel where I had the best intentions of watching the entire third season of Desperate Housewives. Sadly, my recently purchased bootleg copies weren't compatible with my laptop. This should have been a sign that the evening wasn't going to go well.

I settled for watching Cate Blanchett and a rather wrinkly but still drool-worthy Brad Pitt tough it out in a dinky little mountain village in Morocco in Babel and reading a newly purhchased book. Owing to my having had no sleep before the flight, I was ready for bed by about 7pm London time.

Thrilled that I'd be able to frolick in dreamland for 12 hours, I put my pjs on and got under the massive doona. Then it happened - I couldn't sleep. My head, which had been slowly filling up with nasty sinus goop reached its maximum capactity and I honestly thought it was going to explode. I spent the next 12 hours writhing in pain, trying to figure out when was an appropriate time to announce that I needed a doctor and would not be returning to Dubai the next day. Turns out there is no such appropriate time, and as my brother was scheduled to fly in from Brisbane the next morning and I was the only one able to collect him, I braved the flight home.

I was a walking advertisement for infection, blowing my nose so often I now look like Rudolph, thanks to my red raw nose. I sneezed and sanitised my hands so often my palms feel like bark. I suffered through the flight and I'm sure the passengers thought I had the runs, I was in the toilets blowing my nose so much! We finally began to descend and that's when the real party started.

It was like bed time all over again. The shooting teeth pains were back, as well as blocked ears and a groggy head. Lucky I wasn't in charge of a door - I could hardly hear the PAs being made telling us to disarm when we landed.

So, I have learnt a few valuable things on this last trip: calling in sick is a great idea when your ears and sinuses are blocked - flying for 6 hours and 20 minutes is not. Also, I clearly need to pack some gloves and a balaclava into my bag to add to my outfit for sub-zero European climates......woe woe woe!

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