Saturday, 20 January 2007

Ski Field Madness

It's now 10.45pm and I've just finished packing Patrick and all of his things. I've written detailed instructions on all things like landing cards, customs declarations, customs procedures and how to switch from an international flight to a domestic flight. I'm exhausted!

We went skiing today and it was oodles of fun. Pat had never skied before and it was my second time in Ski Dubai. I've done a few ski trips during high school, so I was a little way ahead of him, but he absolutely exceeded my expectations of a new skier. We stacked it of course, throwing heaps of snow into the air and landing in tangles of arms and skis. Luckily we did it separately, as I'm sure it would have been very messy if we'd run into each other.

Being the chatterbox that I am, I met some lovely US Navy guys on the ski lift and was interested to find out that one of them is a search and rescue swimmer - just like Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Costner in the movie The Guardian. He didn't mention how true to life the movie was, but seemed to be a fan of it.

Pat is definitely a fan of all the outlandish cars here in Dubai. We've seen countless Hummers, Lincolns and all things 'Gangsta'. He could tell you the exact amount of each car we've seen, but I just nod and smile. Cars mean nothing to me. I think the most interesting features are the colour and whether or not they have air con!

He's bought custom designed shirts, cheap clothes in Karama, an Ipod Nano and of course, sheesha pipes. It will be interesting to find out how he goes getting three of them through Australian customs.....lucky he's not carrying the tobacco as well!

Sadly, the drinking age here is 21 and Pat's only 17. He was quite disheartened to discover that he couldn't go clubbing and that many of the licensed restaurants don't allow underage patrons the privilege of entrance. Last night turned out to be a dry night, in honour of the Arabic New Year and it turns out that every except myself knew this. We went to the pub in the hope of an early dinner and staying inside under the radar, away from the prying eyes of the bouncers. The pub was CLOSED!! After all, what's an Irish Pub if it can't serve beer? We snuck him into one of the pubs closer to home for a pint and some dinner, but we were all so tired after our week that we piked after dinner and our first drinks!

We've had a fantastic time and it's been so wonderful having him here. Always good to have a normal, friendly face from home. Also, he acted as my courier and I've now got a good supply of BBQ shapes, freddo frogs, Allen's snakes (for knot tying!) and good old crunchies.

My friend Michael, who owns a bread making machine has just hand delivered a freshly baked loaf of bread. I think I might have to go and have a slice of toast......

Tomorrow is the "leaving Dubai" saga - chances of sub load tickets out of here are like hens teeth!

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