Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Odds and Ends

Well, today is the third day of another four that I'm spending on ground thanks to the gods of scheduling and if I wasn't granted these days off I'd be grounded anyway. The dreaded sinus infection hasn't gone away and another trip to the doctor after I returned from Munich confirmed that going to such a cold country probably induced a relapse. Great, just what I wanted to hear.

The doctor I saw was an older Arabic man and he scolded me like a grumpy, overprotective grandpa would. 'You shouldn't have flown like this. No flying for you for three more days!'. I skulked out of there toting another bag of drugs and feeling a little worse for wear. There wasn't a party in my head on landing like there was in January, but it was pretty ordinary.

The good thing about Munich was the supermarket - winter in Europe is like being in the arctic circle if you're from Australia and I donned my new white furry coat and hooted down the road to stock up on goodies. I stacked my little basket to the overflowing level with yoghurt, bread, fresh strawberries, bananas and apples, pork schnitzels, ham, cheese and chocolate. I even added some German beer into the mix and staggered back to the hotel. I realised I didn't have room in the minibar for all my things, but then had a total brainwave: I put the entire bag of cold stuff out on my balcony and when I packed it into my bag about 6 hours later it was all colder than when I'd purchased it! The strawberries and apples were so big that I just had to take a picture. Now, I'm 6 feet tall and my hands are proportionate to my height: these fruit were holy sh*t big.

This was my second flight in Business and true to form I flapped around again, but this time it was a little more controlled. I remembered what I was serving but still couldn't keep up with the girl serving (read: motoring at an uncontrolled speed) on the other side of the cabin. We had a celebrity in First that I didn't even know existed (clearly I'm not into racing cars) and I even landed the dreaded duty free.

We've been back to the tailor to organise some fantabulous creations for the races for the girls who'll be here. I'll be in Brissie for the wedding that day, and I'm very excited about my dress fitting tomorrow.

Today was spent sleeping in and lazing by the pool upstairs and getting some sun on my injured finger. We have a peculiar guy who we see up at the pool all the time and I'm not sure that he's crew. There are a few things that have raised my suspicions, the biggest being: he has long dreads Lenny Cravitz style; he always has a beard; and the BIG give away: he's always here and is NEVER working. Sound familiar?

So, I spotted Lenny and his groupies hanging poolside and their new trick today was jumping off the roof into the pool. The morons were jumping and splashing and sent a tidal wave over Ash and I as we were enjoying a little bake in the sun. The perfect time of year to grow a few more freckles. I was delighted to learn that the pictures taken on my phone are transferable to my computer: I can't for the life of me work out this bluetooth thing, but luckily for this dinosaur my phone comes with a USB cable.

A few nights ago, after a few glasses of wine and a killer batch of spaghetti bolognaise courtesy of Ash, we're all in the kitchen trying to wash up and who should have a sponge shoved into the wine glass and have it crack and embed itself in her hand? ME. well, there was blood. a careful inspection of my bloody hand alerted me to the fact that I've cut a good sized chunk of skin off my finger. Add to that the fact that Ash and now Jena seem intent on destroying my fridge magnet collection. I collect a magnet from each city I visit and for the last week Ash has ‘accidentally’ knocked a few off the fridge door - my Greek warrior and Hamburg shield. That night, Jena swiped my meerkat (favourite from Johannesburg) and his poor little head fell off! So, we're all laughing hysterically at that and how they only jump off the fridge when Ash walks past, while Jena's in Ash's bathroom trying to superglue his head back on when the glass breaks and then I need seeing to. P.s. Jena got so much glue on herself I'm surprised the meerkat's head isn't now attached to her hand. Talk about hilarious. Well, the only bandaids we could find are the resident ones that live in my suitcase and are more applicable size wise to feet blisters or bites from a camel spider. It's more like a bandage really and covered about a third of my hand. Completely over the top, and I looked like a burn victim. I have since bought smaller, more appropriate clear bandaids.

I was approached for a part in a movie today and it was all rather odd. As I was coming out of the lift on the rooftop, a couple wearing sunglasses INSIDE the building were waiting. The guy says to me 'what are you doing Thursday?' I thought he was talking to the girl, but it turns out it was me. Anyway, they tell me that they're shooting a fake documentary (sounds like a genuine fake) and that their actress was sick and they're looking for a replacement. REWIND: let me set the scene. I haven't brushed my hair in two days because it dried naturally and is curly. Today it was all crazy and tied up in a knot and had strands coming out all over the place. I was looking like such a dag, and certainly NOT like an actress. The role involves me pretending I've just come back from shopping. Right, clearly this is a no brainer and they picked a crew building for a reason. He assured me that I will be compensated for my time (4 hours of filming) and then proceeds to ask my fee. Hmmm, all sounds a little suspicious. I headed upstairs convinced I was either going to end up in some Z-grade adult film or have my purse stolen on the 'set'. Needless to say, I won't be following up on that one.

Counting the days till my Melbourne trip, even though I hate long haul flights and end up arriving at my destination looking like an absolute wreck. Certainly not of 'premium cabin' standards. Think smudged mascara, bleary eyes and slept-on-sideways-because-I'm-too-big-for-the-bunks-hair.
I think I might actually have to take off and then reapply my make-up for the non-nap I'll take in the freezing cold/hot as hell crew rest compartment.

Once the Melbourne trip is over, it's 5 days off and then onwards to Brissie!!!

This week's shout out goes to my beautiful Mum, who's celebrating her birthday today:

For reference, camel spiders DO exist. Check out this link:

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