Monday, 7 May 2007

Another night..........another buffet

Yes, it's true. We've hit another buffet.

The occasion? My lovely friend Angela's 26th birthday. This called for a fantabulous celebration, and after a strenuous day, those caprioscas tasted wonderful!

The day started with a trip to the mall, to organise our driver's licenses. As Aussies, the process of getting a license in Dubai is pretty easy. You simply go in, take some money, take some passport sized photos, take your passport, take your original license, sit an eye test, pose for another photo and BINGO, you're legal to drive!!!

We'd heard some nasty rumours that this process was coming to an end and that it would be a matter of sitting through twenty, yes TWENTY lessons before you'd be the proud owner of a sparkly gold, holographic license. In order to avoid such a rip off, we bounced in there, toting our bits and pieces and within a short time had the cards in our hot little hands.

There was then a trip to Krispy Kremes, who've recently opened a store (hello diabetes as Ash says) and we were treated to a hot-off-the-belt doughnut soaked in sugar. I swear NOTHING has ever tasted soooooo goooood! We bought a couple to go, scooted to the tailor with a few things to be altered and then headed home for a cup of tea with our sweets!

We got ready, popped over the road to the buffet in the Shangrila and proceeded to chatter and gossip and eat (of course!) for the next 3.5 hours. Ange and I met on a Singapore/Brisbane trip last December and retold the story of drunken soccer with Xmas decorations up and down the street in Singapore at about 2 in the morning. There was a short detour into a garden that night and a few rather unflattering photos that sadly won't be posted today as Ange would have my guts for garters if I dared do so!

It seems that each time we've done this buffet there are different drinks on offer. They are of course included in the price of the buffet, as is the red and white wine and so far we've tried strawberry mojitos, appletinis and last night, the capriosca.

While we were looking forward to the chocolate fountain and all the damage we could do to chocolate covered strawberries, we were sad to see it wasn't there. However, there were delicious little sweets on mini dishes and in shot glasses - my favourite tasted just like a lamington!

All in all, it was fabulous night. Happy Birthday Ange!!!

On a more dapper note, reserve month has started for me - this means a month of being on call, at the mercy of crew scheduling and so far today, after a quick trip to the gym to rid myself of tuckshop arms, I've spent the past four hours sitting on the couch waiting for the phone to ring. Our other flatmate has the same ringtone on her home phone, so when hers goes off, I jump and imagine a horrid trip to Cairo!

I've been given two days off after this, which means that I'll be very legal for a Brisbane trip (or any other Aussie trip for that matter) on the 10th!!!

Fingers crossed - it's time I got home for more cuddles with the kitties and more bbq shapes and Arnott's creams.......mmmm x

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