Saturday, 21 July 2007

Laughs in London

My gorgeous best mate Felicity moved to London two months ago and I finally got a flight to see her on my roster.

I eagerly packed my bag for the warm weather in London and threw in some goodies I’d collected for Flip along the way. I had a small moment of panic when the pilots briefed us, saying that the weather was appalling in London, with serious downpour. My thoughts immediately flew to my suitcase and what kind of footwear I had. I recalled throwing in a gorgeous pair of brown suede flats and had visions of them looking all matty and tatty after my trip.

There was no cause for alarm - by the time we got there the sun was out and it was a warm 23 degrees. I arranged to meet Felicity at Chiswick station and set out on my journey toting a massive hot chocolate, complete with marshmallows.

I haven’t seen Flip in about a year, so there was heaps to catch up on. As soon as we saw each other, the chatting started. I got a tour of where she lives - this cute, skinny, 3 floor townhouse and then it was off to her favourite chocolate shop for a little treat. We wandered down the high street and she told me that Kate Beckinsale and Robbie Williams also call Chiswick home.

We then met Jill and Luke in Trafalgar Square and there was more chatting and gossiping to be done. I went to school with both Jill and Flip, and Luke was in the same year as us, but at our “brother” school. After hitting the Aussie shop (where I bought Cheds that I later discovered were STALE!) we had a delicious feast at a Chinese restaurant and then it was over to the pub for some drinks.

We’ve all done quite a bit of traveling since our school days, so were happy to swap stories for hours. It was a lovely night and even though the London flights are a bit of a nightmare, I can’t wait go get another!

Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!

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