Thursday, 9 August 2007

Nanna's 90th!

I've completed yet another Brissie trip, but this one was for a very special reason. My gorgeous Nanna turned 90 and there was no way I was missing that party!

I've already missed weddings, 21sts and other important events back home, so when I found out there was a party happening I set about trying to get a trip home. I thought I wasn't going to be able to get there, but while I was in Jakarta I was sent a swap for a Brissie and it all worked out.

I flew in and pretty much stayed quiet for a few days and then surprised Nanna on Sunday. The look on her face was well worth it. My aunt Sue who lives in the US also flew in as a surprise and it was a lovely family reunion.

Nanna has 8 children and all of them except one were there. The house was full of grand-kids and second and third cousins and even some relatives I'd NEVER met! I was on video camera duty and wandered around filming everyone and getting some birthday messages from Nanna. When the camera was eventually turned on me I got a little shy and didn't have much to say!

There were some beautiful speeches, and some lovely memories for Nanna. She scored a table full of flowers, and was given some lovely presents. She loves ginger and I was lucky to find some ginger tea and coffee while I was in Jakarta recently.

Having been away for so long, I have a little cousin who's about 18 months old that I met for the first time at the party. His name's Banjo and he's just as gorgeous as his older brother Jett. Here's a quirky story - Banjo's dad, my older cousin Scott turns out to be the best high school mate of my flatmate Ash's older brother Simon! Ash grew up in Darwin, as did Scotty and Simon, and I was in Brisbane.

I travelled halfway around the world and lived with my older cousin's best mate's sister? What a small world!

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