Saturday, 8 September 2007

A week goes by.....

Right, so since my trip to London to see Jono, where I was in charge of the galley both ways (which made my trip much more pleasant, believe me!) lots has happened. In fact, this past fortnight has been jam packed with adventures!

My next trip was Johannesburg and what a trip it was. Renowned for being boozehounds from hell, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they all slept and didn't bother us much at all, leaving us free to guzzle the excess strawberries in the bulk food cart! I think their sedateness had something to do with the absolutely revolting take off time of 4.45am. No one human, or evidently a boozehound from hell can be bothered to cause drama at such an ungodly hour.

We finally landed in Joburg and found that the airport has been refurbished. Kind of. The luggage collection area is THE most disorganised part of any airport in the whole wide world that I've had the displeasure of standing in. We had to pretty much shove our way through the throng of trolleys, people, strewn aside bags and then were acosted by a customs lady with a sniffer dog who looked just as unsure of her job as were looked picking our way through the mess to our bags. The dog sniffed out some cheese in one of the crew's suitcases so we had to wait until that was removed and 'declared' and confiscated and then we were good to go.

I was saddened to hear recently that our hotel has been changed in Joburg and we're no longer at the Hilton, but at the Casino. The Hilton was right across from a restaurant called The Bull Run and it was there that I tasted the BEST steak of my life. I routinely order the same thing, so was confused as to what my belly would recieve for dinner that night. I needn't have worried. The casino hotel was GORGEOUS, made of massive big old blocks of stone and looked like a castle. It had a theatre attached to it, which shows The Lion King on stage every day EXCEPT for Monday - no guesses for what day I was there. There were restaurants galore inside and we found The Meat Company (Bull Run equivalent) and set about quickly ordering a feast fit for a king.

I launched an assault on the supermarket across the road and loaded up on so much food that I way over-spent my allowance and had to credit card half of it! I stocked up on spicy meat rubs of all flavours, fresh bread, flowers, salad dressings, lollies, chips, vanilla fudge and all sorts of goodies. I staggered back to the hotel and set about trying to pack my loot into my inadequately sized suitcase. In the daylight, I must admit my room looked rather odd - the bathroom is IN the bedroom, at the end of the bed and the phone was shaped like a bright red pair of lips! Ultra modern and absolutely not my idea of a nicely designed room. It was like staying in a shoebox compelte with a built in shower!

I was also pondering how to transport my pretty pink and purple flowers back to Dubai without either killing or squashing them. We're not allowed to carry extra bags with our uniforms, so I conned one of the guys into letting me strategically place the flowers inside his service jacket holder and we were good to go. The flowers ended up in the chiller in a teapot of water and were looking very peppy by the time we landed!!

When I arrived home, I met Patsy, Ash's Mum who'd come to help us celebrate Ash's 28th birthday. I hadn't met Patsy before, so off we went to the hairdresser and did a spot of shopping for an outfit to wear to Ash's birthday brunch a few days later.

Our new hairdresser is RAVE WORTHY, so I'll rave about them. Salon Ink is located near the Rashid Hospital and is fantastic. Run by two Aussie girls, Kelly and Sharon, they know exactly what they're on about and they have "the vision". Patsy walked out with a gorgeous all over colour and foils in a few different colours, and I with shiny black hair full of goregous bouncy curls. Jennifer, who also works there does an awesome head massage and it's well worth going just to get your hair washed to get that massage!

The salon is massive, full of natural light and black leather chairs. They use schwartzkopf products and the service was excellent! It was so refreshing to go into a salon and tell them what you want and rest asured that you'd come out looking like what you had in mind, rather than be fearful that all your hair would be hacked off and you'd come out looking like that strange organge/blue haired girl from Notting Hill.

My next assignment:
seek out and buy the Babyliss Pro Ceramic Curling Wand (1/4 inch barrel) Kelly used on my hair!!

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