Saturday, 17 November 2007

Maj flies to Sydney

I was lucky enough to manage a super swap this month, thus ensuring me a STELLAR roster! I gave away a Bangalore (totally crappy turnaround) and a 3-day Jakarta (the source of my last belly bug) for an 8 day Bangkok/Sydney trip and the best part of all? My beautiful Mum (known to the family as Maj, as her middle name is Majella) flew down to see me for three days!

The last time I had this trip was February and we did the same thing, so it was lovely to get Mum all to myself for a few days and have some good mother/daughter time.

We flew into Sydney at about 7am and Mum met me at the airport and caught the bus with us to the hotel. She was met with a chorus of "hi Mum!" when she got on and everyone was very interested in our a-typical passenger! We had a different hotel from last time, due to a moth infestation at the Wentworth (and most of Sydney). When we pulled up at the Radisson and filed into a room to collect our room keys and allowances, many of the crew came over and introduced themselves to Mum and asked her how she was and what her plans were. It was lovely to have a good crew for once, capable of talking to people and forming coherent sentences!

So often we fly with people who are so plane-brain that they can't think of anything besides "would you like tea or coffee?" and "I need to replenish my lipstick". Very refreshing indeed.

We went shopping, had a lovely buffet brekky at the hotel (omelettes are AWESOME at this buffet!!), wandered around the Rocks and enjoyed a bit of people watching down at Circular Quay.

On my trip home to Brissie with Jon, Mum packed me up with all my birthday presents, making me promise I wouldn't open them early. A few days before my trip to Sydney, she instructed me to pack them, saying she'd let me open them a week early since she'd be there to supervise! Woo hoo! In they went, carefully packed and ready to be opened. We were into them within half an hour of getting into our room!

A highlight and surprise present that came out of Mum's bag were some paintings from beautiful Stella and Sienna on hard backed canvases. The girls are such little treasures, they're always doing paintings and drawings for me. My walls in Dubai are covered with them, anyone would think I've got children of my own.

We had a lovely dinner with Lauren (like we did in February). This time we ate at a beautiful Moroccan styled restaurant called The Victoria Room. The food was delicious, even though the portions were slightly skimpy! It was dimly lit, making for a very cosy, intimate dinner. We chatted for hours and were almost the last ones to leave.

The three days were over before we knew it and it was time to head to the airport. We posted our postcards across from the hotel and climbed into the school bus and off we went. At the airport, Mum was sent off with a chorus of "bye Mum, have a safe flight!!".

Next stop - Bangkok for a super cheap, super relaxing aromatherapy massage and a good sleep.

I flew back into Dubai and had a few days off to prepare for my next Sydney trip: aka MY BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!

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