Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Greer criticises Michelle Obama's dress

I know it's been a while since I've had anything new to say. Things have been happening and as soon as I've got a spare moment to brush my crazy curly hair I'll give you all an update.

I hate to admit it, but I'm not a regular news watcher. This results in me looking slightly dazed and very confused when a variety of issues are discussed in every day life and I'm doing my best to rectify this. I've cut back on watching E News! and am now an avid reader of National Geographic and am gearing up to buy a Time magazine.

I was trawling today because it pops up when I sign into MSN messenger and found some alarmingly stupid stories. I feel compelled to share them with you, as someone in the news sector felt they were worthy of sharing with the world.

First of all, the header of this entry - Greer criticises Michelle Obama's dress. Germaine Greer, the avid feminist and complainer about all things that need not be complained about is on the war path again - her latest target? The lovely and most likely unsuspecting Michelle Obama.

The following story is copied and pasted directly from the following site:

Feminist Germaine Greer says the dress Michelle Obama wore to her husband's US election declaration was a "butcher's apron" and looked like a "geometrical haemorrhage".

In her regular column for the Guardian, Greer calls the outfit "All black with an eye-burning red panel that splattered itself down the front like a geometrical haemorrhage".

It was "a poster in the most disturbing colours known to man, the colours of chaos. Coral snakes and venomous spiders signal their destructive potential by the display of similarly violent contrasts".

Greer refers to online critics of the dress to back up her argument and says that if Michelle had dressed herself and her daughters for defeat, she could not have chosen better outfits.

Most newspapers were too high-minded to refer to it, but reaction trickled through the Internet and surfaced in USA Today, where a poll revealed that twice as many people hated the gown as thought it irrelevant or OK, she said.

One blogger complained that she could hardly listen to president-elect Barack Obama's speech "for fear of that dress".

Ok, I think we all need to take a BIG step back here. First of all, Germaine Greer is hardly a fashion icon herself. Didn't this woman have a large input in the bra burning movement?! Bras are absolutely necessary these days - no one wants their puppies to droop do they?

Secondly, WORLD HISTORY HAS JUST BEEN MADE WITH AMERICA ELECTING ITS FIRST EVER BLACK PRESIDENT. Could we perhaps just stop to savour that moment and reflect on the changes that are happening for the good in our world?

Who gives a rip if Michelle Obama's dress didn't walk itself from Rodeo Drive into her wardrobe?

Perhaps Germaine Greer should find a new speciality, leave fashion comments to the fashionistas and give up publishing near-pornographic coffee table picture books of young boys.....

How is exploiting young men any better than the exploitation of women that she's so avidly against?!?!

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