Monday, 31 August 2009

Getting trollied will not help you bag a trolley dolly...

So once again, my youtube loving/addicted beyond help flatmate Jena has come up with the goods.

Here I am sitting on my bed staring pathetically out my dust-streaked window hoping it'll snow and she's in the next room on her computer (where she's been all day) unearthing some serious treasures from her vast array of blogs and sites that she's more than dedicated to.

She found this pearler and I feel a need to share it with you all:

Readers, please take note of the instructions to ply your flight attendants with copious amounts of please and thank you. We LIKE, APPRECIATE and PREFER to hear these words come out of your mouths above all else. Remember that next time you fly....and don't be acting like these fools in the video below that my mate Jarad posted on fb recently:

The instruction of ''If you see my glass is empty, then bring it back to me full'' will not win you any friends....we'll be tempted to bring it back full alright, but full of things you don't want to know about.

My favourite line for today is...''accepting a glass of bubbly upon boarding is for giddy novices".

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