Saturday, 27 January 2007

I'm sorry, did you say NO BUNDY???????????


Well, yesterday was my second Australia Day spent away from home but it was my first one spent in Dubai - I was in a fantastic Aussie bar in London last year getting the knee high suede boots trodden on and splashed with hideous snake bite drinks!

Jena, Renee and I got all dolled up in our Aussie finest (read: bonds singlet, rolled up jeans and Aussie flag thongs) and hit the pub: AUSSIE LEGENDS.

Their first mistake was declaring their legendary status before telling us that they DON'T SELL BUNDABERG RUM!!!!! I was salivating all week for a Bundy and coke and was so disappointed when I was told I couldn't have one. I almost choked on my chewing gum!

I settled for Bacardi in the end and we proceeded to make very light work of our drinks. About 8 rums later (some of them doubles), I was feeling rather sober. Not sure what that was about, but a packet of Allens snakes did make an appearance.

We saw a few guys we know dressed up in green and gold dish dash and they made for fantastic photos. We posed and got up close and personal with them, NOT what you'd be normally doing with a local.

I wore the Aussie flag as a coat and was consequently targeted with this pathetic pickup line: "Did you know someone's put a flag on your back?" No, REALLY?

I must say, snaps for Queensland and some of the other Aussie states for banning smoking in bars, pubs and clubs. The number of lit cigarettes I had to dodge while weaving through the sardine-like packed club was outrageous. I even had a HOLE burnt in my Aussie flag by my bestie JENA. Not happy Jan, but the Barcardi numbed my outrage. I saw the hole this morning when I woke up and it all came rushing back.........nah, Jena makes awesome Anzac biscuits and I remembered I had one in my bag, so all is good.

The pub was full of crew, no doubt half of them called in sick to make it. Luckily I was on days off, but if I was unfortunate enough to be rostered for something unsavoury, I'd have been pressing 2 with all my weight behind it! We bumped into so many people we knew and it was just a fantastic night. Jena discovered the benefits of drinking beer through a straw and I had the dirtiest feet I've ever seen! By the end, I was sitting with the purser from my last Brisbane flight, guzzling potato wedges and downing tequila shots. I've not touched tequila in about 6 years and this morning I remember why!

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