Friday, 9 February 2007

Two Dirty Carpet Discos please!

What a week! I've just returned home from a week long Bangkok/Sydney trip that saw me spend three days in Sydney with my Mum!

It was wonderful - Mum flew down from Brissie, met us at the airport and then caught the crew bus with us to the hotel. We had a fabulous time dining by the opera house and had a drink at the lovely Opera Bar at sunset. We scanned the cocktail list for something fabulous and came across a sure winner: the Dirty Carpet Disco. We giggled and decided we had to have one. We took our drinks and sat by the water and marvelled at the size of the Sapphire Princess, a massive cruise ship parked in the harbour. We had a further giggle when a little boat hooted past and a distinctly loud honk was heard. As the princess of silly sayings, I said "that's a big noise for such a little boat"! Then we realised that the cruise ship was reversing and it was the perpetrator of the honk.....rather embarrassing really!

We treated ourselves to room service the next night, watching Desperate Housewives as we drank our wines. The next day was spent shopping till we felt like dropping - my credit cards copped a caning and we struggled back to the hotel with our goodies to get ready for dinner with my friend Lauren, who has recently moved to Sydney from Adelaide and also stayed with me in Dubai last October. We went down to the wharf and had a lovely dinner, bottle of wine and shared our table with a few baby cockroach-like creatures that kept flying out of the bushes next to us! Ewww.......I hope they weren't the crunchy bits in my salad!

The next day we got up early, put a colour in Mum's hair and managed not to get a drop on the hotel towels. We hit the shops again, this time checking out the trendy Rocks area. We found a fabulous antique jewellery store and Mum treated herself to the most gorgeous pair of earrings.

The entire crew farewelled Mum at the airport and I could tell she was thrilled. The crew really were excellent and we've made plans for dinner and dancing tomorrow night. We were delayed by a lightning storm, so I sat in a passenger seat and played Tetris for about half an hour while we waited for take-off!

Back in Bangkok, I had a much needed sleep and hit the shops again. I bought a beautiful hand punched leather picture backed with gorgeous white rice paper and set about smuggling it back to Dubai. My suitcase was packed to the brim and we aren't allowed to carry anything outside our bags. I managed to fit it inside on of the guy's jacket holders. I caught the airtrain back to the hotel station and found Health Land, a gorgeous place that does massage and scrubs and all sorts of treats. I decided I was in serious need of a body scrub and an aroma massage and floated out of the 2.5 hours later.

A massive 7 hours later and we FINALLY landed in Dubai. Our nerves were all paper thin by this time and I crawled gratefully into bed and didn't get out until 3.30pm.

It was so lovely to have my beautiful Mum with me in Sydney for three days. I had her all to myself and shared some lovely laughs. I can't wait to get this trip again - looking forward to more girl time!

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