Sunday, 15 April 2007

Holiday time again........

Having decided to change my annual leave ticket from good old Brissie to a standby ticket to super fantabulous New York, with domestic connections onwards to San Francisco, I'm starting to think I've gone a little mad.

My ticket to Brissie was confirmed 200%, but the one to New York......well I'm worth less than cargo and if I don't get on any of the 6 flights I've got up my sleeve then my holiday will be a whole lot of nothing.

Not a girl to be discouraged by slim odds, I'm eagerly doing my washing and mentally preparing myself for the grueling 24 hours of travel to get there. I've decided to spend two nights in New York to break it up a bit and also to allow time to connect domestically. I completely understand why some of our passengers (ok, most) are complete basket cases by the time they actually make it onto the plane! I spent a whole day agonising over which airline to fly with domestically, what time connections to make, how will I get to San Fran after landing in Sacramento and so much more. My eyes were weary after nearly 12 hours of staring at this screen and not even a glass of baileys made them feel better!

Besides super excitement at visiting a new place, I'm thrilled at the amount of thing San Fran has to offer. I had a 'sign' the other day that convinced me to change my plans - I was daydreaming (as usual) and my eye was caught by a magazine claiming to have info on "25 reasons to go to San Francisco RIGHT NOW". Well, while I might not be discouraged by slim odds, I'm certainly influenced by the media. I snapped it up quick smart, went home and announced my change in travel plans to everyone who would listen to me.

I have grand plans for San Fran - the Golden Gate Bridge, Napa Valley, Alcatraz and meeting some air force boys ....... should be a good trip!

New York a second time around, in less freezing weather should be just lovely. I'm planning on spending some time lounging around Central Park with a good book as cover for some serious people watching on the great lawn. Then I'll head to the Museum of Modern Art (which I missed out on last time) for a glimpse of one of my favourite paintings: Starry Night by Van Gogh.

Perhaps a trip to Tiffany & Co ....... can I afford to even LOOK in there? I was dazzled by the rocks on the engagement ring floor last time - I must venture in for another look.

So, I ask you all to cross your fingers & toes & all other crossable extremities - luck will be on my side and I'll brave it through standby travel chances and have a ripper of a holiday and have some beautiful memories to share.

If all goes well, I'll be due back on the 28th of April, right in time for a trip to Zurich xxx


The Happy Flight Attendant said...

Don't forget to see Pier 39 and The Golden Gate Park to see the Japanese Tea Gardens. China Town is good to see as well as Haight Ashbury. If you like to get your "shop on", then staying close to Union Square will enable you to really shop until you drop. I kid you not! I highly recommend taking the tour on the motorized cable car, because you get to see highlights of the city. A word of warning though, those cable car drivers rev it up and hit those steep hills like they aren't even there!

After training, SFO will be my hub. I'm so dang on excited about it!

I think you have a cool blog. Have a safe and wonderful time in the US!

-The Happy Flight Attendant!

Anonymous said...

When I nonrev on other airlines, I find that it never hurts to offer the gate agent a chocolate treat or coffee. They'll remember you and find creative ways to get you on the flight (i.e., asking one of their nonrev pilots to jumpseat). Good luck!