Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Too Scared to Move

Thanks to all who commented on my last post: I've now got some new ideas for what to do in San Fran and who to bribe at the airport!

Sadly, I don't think a pilot would give up his seat on a 14 hour sector to st in the cockpit for little old me.

I'm embarrassed to say that after having checked the loads for the flights today and tomorrow and seeing that they are PITIFUL, I'm sitting here, rooted to the couch. Too scared to move. It's 10.10pm and check-in opens at 11pm. I should go, but I'm too scared that when I get there they'll say 'sorry toots, too full for you' and send me with my carefully packed, weighed and measured (yes I'm serious, measured) bags home, with my tail between my legs.

I discovered to my horror last night while faffing around and packing with Freya that Delta, a dinky little US airline, have rather strict baggage restrictions. Well, that sent me into a total spin and I still haven't recovered. I think I'll either fly just under the radar or have to fork over $100 for a suitcase that is a few inches too long. For god's sake - if they saw some of the 'bags' that our passengers think constitute carry on luggage, all would be forgotten. Never mind checked in luggage.

My movie of the month, year, decade and possibly favourite of my 24.5 years is The Notebook. I hope to have my own notebook ending sometime in the future and having watched it last night with Freya in preparation of my holiday, I've now watched a ripper of a clip on youtube for the last time before leaving the apartment.

I will now switch off the laptop and leave it in my bedroom - I'm already suffering terrible withdrawals. It is my constant companion and I'm rather addicted. Completely sad, I know. Get a hobby.

Ok, I'll check in with those of you who will be mortified if I don't reveal if I've managed to slip onto a flight to New York and then onwards to San Fran. Mum, you're the worst offender, but I love you. I hope I don't need those tickets Delta sent to Brissie!

Ooopps......bit late now!


The Happy Flight Attendant said...

Have fun! I hope you make your flights and have a wonderful time in NY and San Francisco.

Both cities offer excellent shopping...so you really could leave without luggage and buy what you need when you get there. Save that $100.00 for something else!

BrilliantX said...

Have a safe journey and enjoy!!!