Tuesday, 26 June 2007

I'd rather drink an emu egg

Two trips home to Brissie this month have left this little kitty very homesick. Flying from 45 degree heat into a Brissie winter was just what I needed, and I was delighted that I had to borrow my Mum’s HOT red leather jacket, as I didn’t pack properly. The days were chilly, the nights totally snuggle-up-to-a-hot-boy weather and there was roast pork as well as pea & ham soup on the menu.

Just before touchdown, I caught a whiff of winter, and it sent chills up my spine, as well as a tug at my tear ducts. While I don’t miss hooting from a hot shower to the heater to grab my warming clothes and then jumping into them so fast the buttons on my jeans burn my skin, I do miss the slow lazy afternoons and sun shadows and kitties and puppies sleeping inside.

My youngest cat fudge, who will always be a kitten to me (despite being 10 years old) has a new habit – sleeping ON my pillow. That’s right, she hogs the pillow, just as I’ve been accused of by exes of hogging the bed. She made herself comfy, settled right in and shot me an annoyed look when I tried to shove her over a little! I don’t know if my fear of getting smothered was greater than the fear of catching fleas! She largely ignored me this month, but I was happy to grab a cuddle whenever she was interested.

This trip was a mad rush that began with a train trip to visit the girls, and ended with a visit to Wavell Heights footy club for a quick catch up with Benno. In between there were fish & chips with Jules, farewell hugs & kisses with Jon, movies and shopping with Patrick, cups of tea with Nanna, burgers and chips with Ahmed, hot chocolates and brekky with Mads and Shelby and a delicious roast dinner with yummy salty crackling at home.

As if my belly isn’t fat enough with all the plane food I’m attempting not to eat, I’ve wolfed down about half a large fried rice from the food court in Singapore. This rice is seriously the best EVER, and even my super extended stay here a few weeks ago can’t put me off it!

I’ve got a completely pooey roster next month, and I guess the only upside is that I’ve got three new destinations: Casablanca, Jakarta and Chennai. The downside is that they’re to places I don’t really want to go, so we’ll see how that evens out. The upside to this shithouse roster is that I've got a Heathrow, and while I can hear you all asking "who wants to go to bomb-threat-capital?", I assure you it'll be well worth the scare. My best friend from home, the lovely Flip is now living there and we're having a long-awaited catch up. Jill and Luke from my school days are also working over there and we'll be heading out for drinks. I've got my fingers crossed for Mojitos at Tiger Tiger in Picadilly Circus. No doubt our ruinion will go something like this: the four of us all running from different directions across a deserted British beach ....... yeah right.

While at dinner at Double Decker the other night guzzling fish & chips and happy hour drinks with Jena, we coined a new phrase: "I'd rather drink an emu egg". This stemmed from horrid memories of that TV show Fear Factor, where they made someone drink a raw emu egg. Now, keep in mind that a single emu egg is equal to something like THIRTY normal eggs. And 30 normal eggs drunk raw in one go is definitely a gag reflex activator.

So, now in reference to anything we don't want to do, the new buzz phrase is "I'd rather drink an emu egg".

Which is kind of how I'm feeling about having such a short rest period between Brissie trips!

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