Friday, 6 July 2007

ANOTHER brissie?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

We finally touched down after a great trip and I staggered home and slept for a few hours. I woke up to find that a long forgotten swap had been approved and guess where I was off to in 3 days?

That's right, BRISSIE. The mind boggles at how little rest I've had this month - that is if you don't count the 5 days I spent in Singapore flat on my back in bed!

I didn't even pack my bag really, just threw in some pressies and a jumper and washed the essentials. Same uniform, same shoes, same jeans - just changed the knickers really and then was on my way. Same crappy baggage space!

The trip came as a blessing in disguise really, as I desperately wanted to get home for my beautiful friend Michelle's 21st this month but legality wise, I can't.

I've spent a total of 10 days in Singapore this month and was both amused and slightly embarrassed when I was welcomed back when we checked in! We all changed quick smart and with growling bellies we made our way to the local food court for a serious feed. Well, 'feed' doesn't begin to describe how great it was. We all ordered a dish and ended up with chilli prawns, sambal prawns, buttered squid, oyster omelette, pork ribs, black peppered beef, oodles of fried rice and garlic baby kailan. It was a taste explosion!!! Totally worth dragging our plane faces and hair out for.

Next stop - this really comes as no surprise - Brissie.

I had dinner with Mum, Dad and Patrick in the valley at a great restaurant called The Vietnamese. I was introduced to it by Jon (mangoes taste like sunshine) and it's incredible! Kind of like a cleaner, busier, indoor Singaporean forecourt - except it's Vietnamese and in Brisbane. Confused yet?

The next day Michelle and I bought fruit salad goodies (including marshmallows!) and popped over to Madonna's for a visit. Mad's has been in hospital and we thought she needed cheering up a bit. We had a good giggle and tried our hardest to take a cute picture of the three of us. It just wasn't a photo day.

As we were driving home the day I flew in, I was delighted to spot The Pie Man - he sells the best pies in the WORLD and his mushy peas are legendary. He supplies them to heaps of the bakeries in town and they're just deliciously ..... sweet and ..... green.

The shuttle passed uneventfully and then it was two more days for me in Brissie. I caught up with Joel, who I haven't seen since I left and then Benno cooked me dinner at his house. That's right, one of my mates has his own HOUSE. He cooked the most amazing chicken, and we watched Top Gun, rums in hand. It was a great night. Freezing cold though - I drove home with the heater blaring and jumped into bed lightning quick!

I had a quick catch up with Gran & Pop and the cousins for morning tea the next day and then it was on to a quick trip to the supermarket to stock up on some goodies to take back. Nothing too exciting - hair bands, shampoo and conditioner, green cordial and english muffins. I guess you could call that exciting.....Aussie food is the best!

Back to Singers for some more food, a coma-like sleep and then some serious Grey's Anatomy watching in the hotel. I've finally got my hands on the end of the third season and must confess I'm completely in love with McSteamy and his naughty, dirty hot eyes. Yumm....

Anyway, my next trip is Casablanca, and as Jena and I say..........'I'd rather drink and emu egg', although after doing some research and having discovered just how MASSIVE emu eggs are, I may just take that statement back!

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