Saturday, 25 August 2007

Front Row with the Fish

Now that I'm in business class, the endless streams of days off in Dubai are over. We're worked to the bone, usually only get our minimum 8 days off a month and spend those days sleeping, madly catching up with friends and facebooking. Needless to say, I've not had much spare time this month, but have managed to fit some exciting outings into my week around the hours of time spent on the couch logged in to facebook.

A few months ago, Ash and I bought a book about eating out in Dubai, listing all the great restaurants. A few weeks ago, she took our friend Nat to The Aquarium, which is located on the creek at the golf club and after reading her blog about it, and hearing her rave reviews I decided to take my beautiful friends Ange and Katja there last night.

I arrived shortly before the girls and was seated on a gorgeous white leather lounge with a beautiful view of the creek. The restaurant gets its name from the massive floor-to-ceiling fish tank/aquarium that sits smack in the middle of the room. It has a gigantic piece of coral in it and is home to what looked like hundreds of the prettiest fish of all colours. There were angel fish, pink fish, zebra fish, yellow fish, black fish and more!

We were seated right next to the tank and spent the evening eyeballing the fish and taking so many pictures of them frolicking that our memory sticks were full!

The food was delicious, the wine was chilled to perfection and while my sticky date pudding was COLD, it was still yummy. There was a huge open plan kitchen with so many chefs doing nothing it made us wonder what took our meals so long! I guess restaurants just like to make us wait. Suspense or something - the hungrier you are by the time you get your food, the more dessert and coffee you're more likely to order perhaps? With its dimly lit tables, quiet ambiance and very relaxing fish tank, we were all feeling rather dozy after our dinner & drinks and decided an early night was in order.

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