Saturday, 25 August 2007

Al Nasr LeisureLand

I rolled out of bed today at about 11am and was invited by my mate Chiara to go ice skating. Now, the last time I saw Chiara, she was fresh off the ice with Jena and we met for dinner and they both couldn't stop raving about skating. I accepted her offer immediately and we set out for the rink which is located in Al Nasr Leisureland.

Before all your imaginations run wild with images of state of the art theme parks, think created in the late 70s and firmly stuck there! There are dodgem car rides, the most ancient roller coaster you're EVER likely to see, a gym, a bowling alley and a very old school cafeteria and toy stand. We were going to have a ride on the roller coaster, but were informed something was wrong with it's tracks and it wasn't running today. I was silently relieved, as suffering bodily injury wasn't really on my to-do list today!

Slightly dingy, the rink boasts an Olympic sized floor, complete with ice hockey markings. We were told rather rudely by a Russian instructor to "move out of zee circles pleaze", as we were clearly interrupting the progress of the next world class skater. She was wearing a Tinkerbell skirt with stockings for goodness sake!

There was an interesting collection of people on the ice - from fearless children to fully abaya-clad women. After a few minutes we were all fairly confident and were gliding around without too much trouble. We're even thinking of investing our hard earned dizzas into some lessons, so we'll be whizzing around the rink like the stars of our very own Blades of Glory.

All in a day's down-time really!

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AC said...

I didn't realise they had all that other stuff out there! YAY!!! I can't wait to see it sometime, I'll get out my bedazzling machine for my ice skating ensemble now.