Thursday, 17 July 2008

Latest Happenings

Summer is getting unbearable and you know what the bad thing is? It only gets WORSE!! It's mid-July now and it's just started getting yuck. However, we can always be thankful it's not August yet. Renowned for being the worst month of all summer, with temps up to about 50 degrees, we all wilt like flowers and absolutely refuse to leave the apartment unless it's for work or the lure of a fully air-conditioned party place full of free drinks for the ladies. The latter usually doesn't happen and in the height of summer isn't appealing enough to unstick me from the couch. There are new episodes of Greys Anatomy on telly and I'm not budging for anything!

My beautiful friend Ange left last week for good. It's always sad to see a good friend leave, not only because they're no longer around to have fun with, but my friendship circle of true friends has just diminished by a significant percentage!! It seemed like she had a continuing farewell tour of dinners, clubbing, dinners, clubbing and more dinners and clubbing. All in all, a wonderful way out. I wish her all the best, can't wait for a sleepover at the Sofitel in Brissie when I next get a trip home and eventually walking our dogs together in the park when I move home for good.

I managed to wrangle an appointment for a US visa back in April and it's finally active! Even though I've heard the New York and Houston flights are an absolute nightmare and that I'll feel like curling up with a razor in a hot bath after I've done one, I decided to get it because New York is calling me back! I love that city so much I think I might try to live there after I'm done with this crazy desert. ALSO Emirates are starting to fly to LA and San Francisco in October and November and I'm mega excited to get back to San Fran. LA looks cool too, but I'm dying to get back to Napa Valley for some more wine and I've been invited on a wine train by a friend who lives there....very exciting. I also want to go to Alcatraz, which I missed out on last time I was there because someone didn't book tickets the day before and they were all sold out when we rocked up. I was bitterly disappointed and I vowed if I ever return, I'll be going to that dingy old island.

I'm on reserve this month and so far have had crap all flights. I managed to score a Rome off airport standby but the return leg was three sectors and I was so knackered I spent most of the next day in bed. Airport standby is a real pearler: we have to get all frocked up in full uniform (complete with slutty red lippy), front up to the airport with our bags packed for all weather situations and the possibility of a 9 day trip and then sit there. And sit there. And sit there - until we're either sent on a flight or sent home because we weren't needed. This usually goes on for three hours. I was 2.5 hours into my standby and thought I was home free. I was having a grand old time, chatting to all my mates who had real flights, my ipod in one ear as I was reading a new book and shoes kicked off with my legs curled up on the couch. Then they called my name. THEN they told me I was going to Rome and wouldn't need my ultra long range pjs that I'd so lovingly packed into my cabin bag. Well it was shoes on and through the metal detectors and onto my own little party bus to be driven to the aircraft like a true celebrity rock star. I was greeted at the door by: NO ONE. Not one crew member even looked at me as I climbed over the mountains of newspapers lying at the front door and made my way up to first class. So much for security.

Rome was great - 11 of about 15 of us went out for dinner and drinks. We had afternoon drinks at a cute little COMPLETE RIP OFF of a cafe that only served drinks and then with a steady alcohol fuelled buzz set off in search of a place to fill our bellies. I wanted pizza, as did half the crew and we were rudely informed that the place we'd chosen to grace with our presence did not make pizza. I often assume rudeness is a result of a language barrier, but no, this woman was just plain nasty. We settled for pasta and I tell you, I'm yet to have a decent pasta experience in Italy! I don't know if I'm eating at dodgy places, but the food is just so crap I could make better at home and I'm really not a cooker. Lately I've been whipping up pasta creations in the kitchen and could kick those Italian arses in a cook-off I'm certain!

So, with bellies full and heads slightly spinning and hands full of yummy gelato, we set off in search of the bus pickup spot and fought for our seats. It's a first come, first served basis. Well, we did our best huddle and managed to all get seats. Back to Dubai it was.

Apart from that, nothing much is going on. Life here is a little dull at the moment, but that's pretty typical for Dubai in summer.

Protein shake update: I completely fell off the wagon so, last week I turned over a new leaf and have been going to the gym like a mad woman. I run now, and am very proud of myself. I even dug out one of those shakes today and feel like I've drunk a chocolate cake for brekky. Let's see what the scales say in a month....

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