Friday, 8 August 2008

The Dark Knight

So I saw the new Batman movie last night and didn't sleep very well afterwards.

It's a glorified violence fest, wrapped up in attractive characters who engage in witty banter while toting nifty high-tech gadgets. Heath Ledger was chillingly convincing in his portrayal of The Joker and did us Aussies proud. Described on Wikipedia as a psychopathic, mass murdering, schizophrenic clown with zero empathy, he had the best lines in the movie and had me absolutely terrified. I can't count the number of times I almost jumped out of my chair and my heart nearly jumped out of my mouth.

I wasn't aware that movies screen here in Dubai at midnight and while I know it's school holiday time, shouldn't all those little ankle biters be at home tucked up in bed? A strictly-for-adults movie, unless you want your bambinos aspiring to become next-generation mobsters.

Christian Bale as Batman was a fantastic casting choice. He wasn't the typical superhero when not in costume - his slightly smarmy and rather over confident Bruce Wayne frustrated me, but when the suit came on it totally transformed him. Funny that. I can see why women the world over swoon over Batman - those sexy alluring eyes, the ripped 20-pack abs, the pointy ears. Oh yeah, how could I forget the freaky, outrageously husky, cancer-voice-enabling-throat-machine sounding voice? Dead sexy.


I was a little saddened by The Joker's successful attempt to turn the good guy bad. Cleary it was his master plot, but seeing Harvey run around Gotham City with half a face was ridiculous. I think if you can see bone and sinew and the inside of someone's eye socket they're going to be in so much pain it'll bring on a coma - if the kind doctors haven't already done so. However Harvey declined all pain medication and proceeded to avenge The Joker's wrongdoings by singling out mobster baddies and those who betrayed him and blowing them away after flipping his two-headed coin. Clever twist, but AS IF in real life.

Seriously a boys movie but not bad viewing. A defibrillator may be required to restart your hearts after a few of the scarier bits!!

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Sodwee said...

Hey PP !

I saw Wanted and was not disappointed... I had a full-blast air-con vent coming straight at me during the show, an entire family came in the room half-way through the atrocious film, of course they had to split up because seats were scattered, they had a baby crying right in front of me and the mother didn't look bothered...she didn't move an inch to get that toddlers mouth shut ! Then, as naturally as one would do, the mid-40s Emirati gets a phone call and answers it in the middle of the action scene... Bothering the entire 3 rows forward and aft of himself...

Sometimes you think... "why do I pay 30dhs to see a movie when the only action happens around you in the room???"

Anyways keep on blogging, days off can get long here in Dubai, and having something to read is welcome.

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