Thursday, 14 August 2008

Gumby gumby gumby

You'll never guess what i did yesterday. I've been on a few days sick leave with another fun sinus infection (number 8 now!) and was finally cleared to fly. I was very excited to be going back to work (truly!) because our briefing centre has moved into our company's new headquarters building. Personally, I'm just pumped to work for a company whose headquarters are actually called headquarters! Let me tell you, it's the size of a small international airport and it's quite possible to get lost in. I didn't stray too far from where I was supposed to for fear of getting sucked into some kind of corporate vortex and being transported to an alternate universe. Very possible.

Once we landed in Dusseldorf, I sorted out some emails and decided to go for a little walk to the local shops to buy some fresh fruit and yoghurt. I got totally lost, as I usually do when following unreliable directions, but I had a great time. I walked around and around the airport carpark until I saw a rather large looking stretch of green through a wall. I figured it must be some kind of a park and I wasn't disappointed! Nestled in amongst buildings just beside the airport was a lovely long stretch of green park with walking tracks. I wandered around and finally stumbled onto the street I was looking for all along with the fruit shop.

I got my fruit and a haul of wine and was wandering back to the hotel and thought I'd wander back through my newfound park. All was going well until I drifted off into dreamland and I kicked my toe on the path. I have a tendency to be a complete gumby most of the time and I'm forever kicking my toes and this time I did a pretty good job. I was wearing flip flops and while daydreaming about being in fresh air, armed with fresh fruit and thinking I was one lucky girl to have this cool job and a super cool American pen pal, I managed to lift a decent sized flap of skin back and there was blood everywhere! I thought it was just a drop until I took my shoe off and discovered that half the underside of my foot was covered in blood!

Now, I had both hands full: one bag was full of fruit and the other flimsy plastic shopping bag had 4 bottles of wine in it! let me just add here that it was not for drinking on this trip. Just so you don't think i'm a boozer. We buy booze at outstations because Dubai charge a 30% tax and you have to have a license to buy alcohol there. Yes, a license! It looks like a credit card and has a rather icky photo of me on it. Anyway, struck dumb by the amount of blood oozing from my toe I managed to put my bags down and have a closer look. Then I did what any injured girl does in a foreign country: IMPROVISE.

I had no plasters, bandages (not required, but I still could have used one!) or sterile wipes. so I dug around in my bag and all I could find were......a pack of tissues. I didn't even have anything to attach it to my toe so I pulled out the hairband I was wearing, unleashing a mass of unruly uncombed curls and tied the tissue to my toe.

I tell you, I must have been in a great mood because I didn't feel like kicking anything in retaliation and all I did was laugh! I staggered the extra 5 minutes back to the hotel, gave my toe a wash and got stuck into my yummy blueberries and stuff.

All in all a pretty successful outing!

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