Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Top 40 most asked....

Tonight I found this questionaire on a cool blog called Another Passport Stamp and thought I'd do it too. For some reason I don't read a lot of other blogs, so I'm probably the last blogging flight attendants out there to fill it out and post it Apparently it's a short list of the most commonly asked questions flight attendants get from the general public.

1. Which airline is lucky enough to employ you? One that requires me to wear a red hat with a white scarf that continually gets stuck to my hooker red lippy.

2. What city(ies) are you based in? Delightful Dubai.

3. If you could choose any city, what would be your dream base? New York baby, NEW YORK!!!

4. How long would you like to be based there? For the rest of my days...

5. Have you ever done the nasty with a passenger you met on a plane? Nope. The one I gave my number to never called...

Have you ever wanted to? That's why I gave him my number.

What is your favorite city thus far to layover in? Not necessarily in order of love: New York (always number 1), Melbourne, Brisbane, Paris, Rome and Hamburg.

Have you had famous people as passengers? Yes, but not as many as I'd like to have had after 3 long years of devotion to the skies. The only famous people in the cabin I worked in were some old crusty Arabic crooner from Morocco and the only unmarried princess left in Morocco. I've directly spoken to Ronan Keating but was working in economy when he travelled business. Also on my aircraft at some stage have been Ernie Dingo (Aussie celeb), Alexander Downer (Aussie politician), some Indian rock star (unpronouncable name) and one of the Schumacher brothers. Not very impressive.

If so, who was your favorite? Ronan. He's really quite cute in person and very polite.

Who was your least favorite? Schumacher - he held up the aircraft, was the last to board and pretty much looked through me like I was something stuck to his shoe when I welcomed him on board and told him where his seat was.

Who would you love to have on your flight? Brad Pitt, George Clooney....any nice eye candy really.

Are you a language speaker for your airline? I speak Australian, but for some reason am discouraged to annouce that in the P.A.

13. What is your least favorite flight to work? Any flight that doesn't have a layover at the end of it.

Do you have a flight you actually enjoy working? Any Aussie flight is usually fun and fuss free. The passengers all board quickly, find their seats by themselves, stow their luggage, sit down, buckle up and only ask you for drinks. They like to have a chat, understand sexual harrassment laws (well most do), and generally don't bother you with stupid requests at top of descent.

15. Have you ever done the nasty with a crew member? Not on the aircraft.

What do you watch on TV when you are getting ready for work on a layover? Tv while I'm getting ready distracts me so I pop on my ipod instead. However, a few times I've found myself running late because I was dancing around the hotel room in my knickers and had to sternly tell myself that my hair and face needs attention pronto.

Have you ever dropped a passenger meal and served it? No, that's really gross. If I wouldn't eat it, I wouldn't serve it. This doesn't include the 5 second rule, because whoever eats it needs to observe the surface it fell on before deciding if the rule applies. I've seen a senior put a bread roll back on a tray when it fell on the economy galley floor - pretty wrong if you asked me. I took it off the tray and told her I felt it was better to serve it without the roll.

18. Do you prefer working coach, business class or first class? Is this a trick question?

19. What is your favorite airplane to work? 777-200 ulr! It's new, it's sleek, it's got a cool social area AND there are only 8 suites in first class!

Do you know what crop-dusting inflight is? Is there anyone out there who DOESN'T know what this is? Sometimes unavoidable and the ultimate revenge on pissy passengers.

Do you prefer working early flights or late ones? I don't like responding to alarms and getting up early, but I HATE working through the night. At the end of the day, I'd rather have already worked and be looking into a nice glass of red wine than be preparing to work an all-nighter when I've not slept yet.

22. Do you like the uniform your airline gives you? I'm of the opinion that it's revolting but some crew like it. I don't look good in beige and would consider becoming a purser simply because they wear navy blue. Our new uniform is currently being worn by our very, very special A380 crew (cough cough) and will be "rolled out" (direct quote from management) across the entire fleet by the end of the first quarter of 2009. I think it's an improvement on the current potato sack and I look forward to wearing it. However, I'm concerned about where I'll buy red shoe polish from. Does anyone know where I can get some?

23. Do you take your laptop on a layover? Depends if there's free internet and if I think the crew will all be duds and I'll need to amuse myself. If I've been to the destination a million times or there's absolutely nothing to do there, then definitely.

. What is your LEAST favorite part of every flight? While I look forward to disembarking because it means the flight is over with, I hate having to stand there and wish everyone a nice day. I do genuinely hope they have a nice day, but my face aches after saying it 400 times. Half of them don't even look at me or respond AND they run over my toes with their oversized & completely unnecessary carry-ons!

. What is the BEST hotel you have ever had a layover at? Believe it or not, the hotel in Calcutta (the name escapes me) is the bomb! It's got gorgeous rooms, epic bathrooms, great bars and restaurants and a really nice gym and pool area. I love the Sofitel in Brisbane, the Novotel in Singapore, the Meridian in Hamburg and the Arabella in Munich isn't too shabby either.

Where did you interview for your job? At the Holiday Inn in Brisbane.

What other cities have you been based in? Only Dubdub - all of our crew are based here and this is my first flying job.

Favorite base? N/A

Why did you become a flight attendant? I was bored with life in Brisbane and wanted to see the world. I figured this was my chance for free travel before I got into a serious job that wouldn't allow frequent trips away from my 9-5 desk.

Did you apply at other airlines that didn't want you? Nope - beginner's luck.

Do you like the airline you work for? Hmmm....how to answer this question without getting into trouble or putting off potential recruits. Just kidding! Most of the time I do, but like any large company, there are shortfalls that irritate the hell out of most of the employees. This company gives us a pretty good deal, so I really can't complain THAT much. A yearly bonus also isn't to be sneezed at!!

Have you ever had the CEO of your airline onboard as a passenger? I've not yet had the pleasure.

Have you ever dated a passenger you met? Nah, but have kept in touch with a few.

Have you ever gotten into a disagreement with a fellow crew member? While I have a wild imagination and carry on all sorts of disagreement conversations in my head that I'd NEVER say aloud, I've only come to have harsh words with a few. The one that really sticks out in my memory was an arguement that came about because another girl opened my duty free container. This wasn't a big deal, because I said we could just swap - hers were unopened and therefore the contents weren't compromised. However, I was new to duty free, it was top of descent and I wasn't actually planning on opening mine until 5 minutes after she did it for me - I HATE last minute orders. I didn't know where HER container was located and she refused to help me find it. On top of that, she shoved her orders at me because she didn't want to sell because she wouldn't make commission!! I flew into a rage, yelled at her and she yelled back. It didn't come to fisticuffs but I will say I was really close to telling her that her fake eyelashes were really obvious.

Has a pilot ever hit on you? I don't think there is a flight attendant out there who hasn't been hit on by a pilot. That's not to say that all pilots hit on crew - some of them are true gentlemen and their occupation shouldn't brand them as sleazy. Nor should mine brand me as an easy floozy.

Do you dislike passengers or pilots more? Depends on their antics - I'll take everyone at face value until they piss me off.

Passengers ask annoying questions when they see you in uniform. What is your least favorite question? Oh there are many that are just no-brainers but one that really takes the cake was a silly American women who shared a lift with me in Rome. After looking me up and down and making the familiar American statement regarding my uniform "Oh I just LOVE yourrrrrrrrrr uniforrrrrrrrm, what airrrrrrline do you worrrrrrk forrrrrr?'', I thanked her and answered and she followed with "where are YOU from?". I answered Australian, to which she came back with a confused frown and "do you speak English there??". Come on lady, we just had half a conversation - what language do YOU speak? I also hate being asked which terminal flights leave from, where the toilets/lounge/check-in desk/duty free shop/exit/smoking area/souvenir shop/excess baggage collection point/shop that sells edible food/gate or transfer desks are located. While I might be required to know exactly where all the oxygen bottles and fire extinguishers are located on all the different aircraft types I fly on, I certainly haven't been trained on the locations of the above in all of the world's airports. That said, the minute I don't know where I am and need to find something, I'll ask a person in uniform but even before I had this job I knew not to ask flight attendants. I usually look like I don't know where I'm doing because I DON'T know where I'm going, so I don't know why they ask me. Mostly I hate having to admit I don't know the answer because I know I'll cop that ''you must be real stupid'' look they throw at you.

What is the stupidest request a passenger has made of you? Besides the pointless and never-granted requests for a free upgrade, my favourite is: "Can you maybe get me a chicken/beef/fish/lamb that comes with something else?" Like, do you want me to go and grow the vegies out the back and steam the up for you???

Is being a hostess with the mostess your only job? Yes. My company forbids having side jobs. That said if I could find something under the radar that pays me enough to sacrifice my downtime I'd do it.

Have you ever gotten any long lasting relationships out of your job? Negative on the romantic front - I find that flying doesn't play well with relationships. I tend to do lots of long flights because I don't overly care for the country I live in. Being here for only 8 days a month isn't really conducive to being a ''girlfriend''. I have however made some of the most wonderful friends a girl could ever ask for - namely my two flatmates. Over the last 3 years, they've become more like sisters than friends and I just love love LOVE them.

This is us on our most recent night out, celebrating Jena's ascention to first class!


Danielle's Cabin Crew Blog said...

Are you currently flying first class? I can't find any information on how the promotions from one class to another works. Can you achieve first class in your third year. I know this is a bit forward, but what kind of salary to you get when working first class?

pink poodle said...

Yes, I am currently flying first class. What airline are you working for? My airline frequently internally advertises promotional and upgrade opportunities - perhaps yours does something similar?

It all depends on who you work for but I was working in first class in just under 2.5 years. I'm not really comfortable publicly stating what my pay is but it's about 50% more than economy pay. It's also very dependant on how many hours you work. Hope that helps.