Sunday, 12 July 2009


While listening to Triple J (Australian radio station) online the other day after the fab Jena showed me how to, I heard a few tracks by a fab singer called Sarah Blasko. She's their new feature album and I was so super impressed with her after just hearing 3 songs, that I immediately bought her new album As Day Follows Night on itunes.

I suggest all of you do the same!

Most of the reviewers on Triple J have given the album a 5/5 we know it's good. It's being described as "a percussive, delicate and ethereal collection of songs. equal parts whimsy and heartbreak, it's entirely captivating". Seriously, who can resist that??

There's also a super cute animated clip of her song No Turning Back on youtube that she's linked on her blog and I've attached it just below.

If you want some interesting radio to listen to instead of the pathetic English-induced-Dad-joke crap we have to put up with here in Dubai, go online and check out Triple J.

Honest, you'll thank me.

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Jena said...

Blasko is da bomb, Sista!
SO glad you're back in the blogosphere...although i'm lucky enough to hear your rantings on an almost daily basis ;)
As for trashtastic nights out, when can we have another?!