Sunday, 12 July 2009

I'm a slack tart

Alright peeps, I'm back!!

I apologise for being such a slack tart of late, but SO MUCH has been happening and in typical style I've been distracted by all the commotion.

So I think my last post was all about Little Ash flying the coop. I'm so pleased to announce that she's happy and loved up and thoroughly enjoying things like drinking tap water, a full selection of amazing fresh produce at the local supermarkets and wintery weather in gorgeous Melbourne. I'm also super excited to announce that I'll be seeing her next week for another catch up and just can't wait. In breaking news, she's turning 30 at the end of next month and Jena and I have put our not-so-technical heads together and attempted to take the bidding system by storm to get a trip home TOGETHER for her celebrations.....this is the equivalent of winning the lotto, so fingers crossed!!

I feel like most of this year has been one long holiday, what with all the long haul trips I seem to be doing and all the leave I've had. I almost need another holiday to recover!!

I convinced my Mum to pop over in May for Mother's Day and accompany me to San Francisco for a week and we had a wow of a time. Then I popped home for a week in June and hung out with my family and reconnected with some awesome friends I haven't seen in years.

THEN I had a 1 day turnaround in the sandpit and flew all the way back to Brissie on a work trip, thought I got DVT and stocked up on so much fabric softener I thought I'd get arrested for carrying too much liquid!!

Seriously, there's just too much fun to be had around here.

Summer has set in and it's been so hideously hot I'm afraid I'll turn into a hermit. We've done a few buffets, rediscovered how awesome Rocky B's is and decided the only word to describe our behaviour following the ingestion of unlimited cocktails is TRASHTASTIC (patented to Jena). We've bought new dresses, had drinks spilt all over them, rocked out our huge bling rings and been asked if we were's been an action packed few months, that's for sure!!

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