Monday, 28 September 2009

Hello....I Think I Love You!

So uh, yesterday I fell in love! Lustful, sweet, big-hearted heart-swelling love!
The object of my desires is....a couch. That's right, I went to Ikea with my trusty friend Michael to buy him some things for HIS new room and what do I do? Fall in love with this red leather creation from heaven the minute I clapped eyes on it.

What's a girl to do? I obsessed over it for the entire day, referring to it as MY COUCH; thinking about where I'd put it in my room; verbalising where I'd put it in my room; plotting, planning and strategising about how I'd get it home to Australia when I eventually fly the coop and generally just pissing Michael and Jena off with my lusting.

As luck would have it....and with a hefty sprinkle of ''I need to pop back to Ikea'' from myself, Michael and I returned to the store that housed my beloved today and there she was....still sitting where I first saw her, a gorgeous shade of deep cherry, just begging me to make room for her in my hopelessly cluttered bedroom....

After much discouragement from Michael and pre-buyer's remorse thoughts swimming around in my head, I hit the ATM, forked over the cash and waited patiently for her to be delivered this evening.

And may I just say, even though now I don't actually think she's made of leather, she looks lurrrrrv-ley!!!

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