Wednesday, 30 December 2009

True Blood

Wow! Just when I didn't think it was possible to find a show better than Gossip Girl or Dexter, True Blood came along! Following on from the Twilight craze, HBO have released True Blood - so raunchy it makes Twilight look like child's play!

The men boast ripped muscles and killer smiles, the ladies have lovely long, toned legs, awesome hair and perfect, perky boobs. The characters swear like truckers, have crazy quirks and generally make you think they'd make the most fantastic friends to invite to a Sunday barbeque.

It has everything a tv show needs: telepathic waitresses, serial killers, 2000-year-old undead vampires, cross-dressing short order cooks, all-star football players, a boot scootin' sherrif, shape shifters, Jesus-loving vampire-haters, a loving grit-cookin' grandma and some of the most hilarious lines I've ever heard.

Oh, and the theme song just oozes southern charm and makes you think of the naughtiest things you've ever gotten up to.....

If ya'll haven't been watchin'....then I suggest you get onto it pronto! Jena and I are ADDICTED and can't stop yapping with each other in crazy accents. Yes, the accent has even come out at work and was receieved with very strange looks. Minor detail.

Season 3 has already started filming, so now is the perfect time to start watching - if you're not already!!

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Jena said...

All those clips featuring sexy Sheriff Eric totally just gave me a boner! ;)