Sunday, 27 December 2009

Home for the Holidays!!

Hi all, I've been pretty quiet since my anit-Miley outburst and that's mainly due to being at home in Brisbane for the holidays.

Once in 4 years we're contractually guaranteed (loose terms) leave over Xmas or the New Year period. I've just had my 4 year Dubai anniversary and have never asked for this leave before and thought I'd give it a go - surprise, surprise, to my delight I was given a whole 10 days off over Xmas and have been spending it with family and friends.

I'm enjoying the rainy weather, summer fruit offerings in the supermarket and the oodles and oodles of Christmas food - salads, ham, ham, ham, salads, cold meat, ham, ham and more ham!!

I'm headed back to Dubai tonight on the midnight flight and will be straight into a very busy month.

I hope you all had a wonderful, safe and magial Christmas and continue with festive spirit into the New Year.

Lots of love! xoxo

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Alalaine said...

Hi i'm ALA!

I just like to ask your opinion on some things associated with having passengers with disabilities on board.

One airline in the Philippines recently was on the news regarding a misinterpretation of an aviation safety rule which says there is a limit on the number of mental patients on a flight. This is in place so that in case of an emergency, the flight crew can evacuate passengers quickly.

According to sources, two passengers (names of the children withheld) have developmental disabilities (one with Down's and the other - Global Developmental Delay). In this case, the pilot of a Manila-bound flight from Hong Kong was involved in the attempt to bump off one child with a learning disability from the plane under the rule, only one mentally ill person is allowed on each flight. The crew on the same flight had also tried to deplane a child with Downs Syndrome.

Many people believe, including me, that children with learning disabilities are not considered mental patients. Children with developmental disabilities are not considered mental patients either.

In your broad knowledge on aviation policies and experience, i hope you can enlighten and educate us readers (i'm hoping you can allot one topic under this subject on your blog) regarding such issues re persons with disabilities ei. deaf, blind, mental patients, Down's etc as passengers on board.

This can be an eye-opener. As of press time, this is big news in the Philippines.

Thank you, more power and i hope I can fly with you soon!

Note: All crew members involved in the incident have been "reprimanded," but the spokesman form the airline declined to say exactly what disciplinary actions have been taken.

*I'll send this same e-mail to airboy, traytable and melissa of tampaxtowers. I follow your blogs religiously. =)