Thursday, 3 December 2009

Twilight is a Cult....

So just when I didn't think it was possible, in my opinion Miley Cyrus has just superseded Megan Fox as the most stupid woman on Earth this week by saying she thinks Twilight is a cult and blah blah blahing in the way only she can do....without having read the books or even seen the movies.

Here's her latest soundbite: "I think it's bad," she says in an interview with Us Weekly. "People get too into it…When guys look at supermodels and they're like 'that's the perfect girl' that's what those kind of movies do to us. You know what I'm saying? They're like thinking that's what girls should be like and not everyone is going to be Edward [Robert Pattinson], hate to say it."

So Twilight is a cult because supermodels have perfect bodies? Or because supermodels are fantasised over by men of all ages, all over the world? Or because the character of Edward Cullen doesn't exist in real life...? Because if he was real he SURELY wouldn't look at supermodels? Okkkk.....

HATE TO SAY IT Miley, but if you bothered to flick through a few pages or watch a scene or two, you'd be happy to see that none of the girls are dressed provocatively, sexualised or portrayed as ''perfect''. Hell, even the lead actress isn't a curvy blonde bombshell - she looks like a regular girl next door. That's the whole point of the series you idiot.

Let's examine Miley's skank-tastic wardrobe (or lack thereof!) for clues as to why men grow up with certain ideas about women who dress a certain way, shall we? Can you think of any reason men might think you're advocating underage sex Miley?? Perhaps leaked myspace photos, racy outfits, trashy underwear shots that we REALLY don't need to see? Remember people: she's 17 - hardly appropriate behaviour for a child star.

Her 9 year old sister in her dominatrix Halloween outfit - how do you spell tragic?! I know Halloween is all about having fun, but geeeez, surely g-rated standards still exist? My father wouldn't have let me out of my bedroom, let alone the house dressed like this as a kid. Hell, he wouldn't let me out dressed like this now, at 27!!

All I can say is: we don't see Dakota Fanning carrying on like this do we? She sends thank you notes to people she's been in movies with. Bless!

Honest to God, why can't children just be children instead of getting famous for having no talent and showing the world far too much of their young bodies?

Miley Cyrus = YAWN.
Don't even get me started on that Megan Fox.


shaypitcher said...

I totally agree with you about Miley Cyrus, she was even pole dancing at the teen choice awards!

Jena said...

Miley needs a bullet. In her face. Sadly, childhood doesn't seem to exist anymore. Be grateful we were able to just be kids!